X: welcome somebodies :
   This site in the most general sense is about bodies, their relations, and morphologies. Currently in development, it is intended for those interested in making (re)presentations of themselves or others through image and sounds: of movements, dances, rhythms, words, songs, and so ons. For instance, as a place to aggregate and study different gestures, phrases, styles, and compositions. Or a page about hand clapping games.
   The principle and immediate idea is to share media, knowledge, and networks in the world of bodies while making more visible different types of local and regional techniques as well as the networks they exist in, so there can be more exchanges in and amongst these networks so that practicioners can travel and meet each other more easily, teach classes, workshops, perform shows, and on anon. The eventual meta-global goal, maybe, is to send out relics of our world into deep space, like the image of the pioneer plaque floating in the back ground here and also somewhere some light years away.